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For foreign clients. Debt collection in Russia.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Orion is one of the leaders of the russian collection market, whose specializing in the collection of debts of legal entities / individuals. Specialists of the Orion Group have been working in the market of "bad" debts since 2003.

Today, we provide the most comprehensive set of legal and collection services for debt collection, including for foreign counterparties. During our work, we have accumulated extensive experience working with foreign jurisdictions, as well as collecting debts in the territory of Russia in favor of foreign customers. We have a positive experience of cooperation with clients from Spain (Arja Group), Switzerland (KTC SA), Germany (Huth. International .com e.K.), Italy, USA, Japan, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus.

Orion is one of the few companies whose debt collection activities are carried out within the legal framework of Russia. We take only those debts that we can really recover. According to the statistics of the company following the results of 2016, the level of actual collection of debts amounted to more than 80%

We can recover the debt even in cases where the debtor is hiding, or transferred all the property to third parties. If the CEO / beneficiary has abandoned the company with debts, we involve him to personal liability with personal property.

For all questions of cooperation, please write to mail@orion-debt.ru, or fill the application form on the website. We will conduct a free analysis of the debtor and the prospects for actual collection, after which we will offer you mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.

Entrust your debts in Russia to professionals.

Orion Group - debt collection in Russia

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